You can book online or if you need more info, give us a call or send a message. 

Classes are held in three locations: Solas Croi Spa in Brandon House Hotel, New Ross, Duncannon Community Centre, Duncannon and in our purpose built yoga studio in Slade on the Hook Peninsula.

We host weekly classes from Monday to Friday. For the full class schedule, please click here

Sure! Please get in touch for more info.

A €20 deposit is required to secure your spot in a class. This can be paid online. The balance will be paid at your first class. 

You can also choose to pay in full in advance,

It is essential that you book into your first course of Pilates in advance in order to:

  • Give yourself a chance to discuss your general medical background with your instructor in private so that you can get the mist benefit from the class.
  • Avoid disappointment in the event you arrive and the class is full. 
  • Ensure you are attending the correct class for your current level
  • Ensure you are aware of any changes to the timetable. 

We offer customers the opportunity to make up any missed classes by attending one of the other weekly Pilates classes within the current 6 week series.Refunds for missed classes are not possible. 

We make every effort to be fair to our customers so we apply the same policy to everybody. We understand that sometimes circumstances arise which require more flexibility and so we do make exceptions to our prepay policy under the following circumstances..

  • If you have a medical condition and are unsure whether you are physically able to take part in the class.
  • If you have a friend visiting who would like to join you at your class.
  • If cash flow is tight you can split payment over the first two/three weeks.

We require all clients to fill in a short medical form to ensure that everything is okay and if you need any special considerations. 

Classes will not run on any Bank Holiday Monday (except October) but will be moved to the Tuesday night in that case. This also effects the regular Tuesday 6:15pm and 8pm class which will then be moved to Wednesday night 6:15pm and 8pm after every Bank holiday Monday.

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